Robin Patel

Robin has been tattooing for over  7  years and has worked with various artists around the globe. He has done guest spots Australia, Turkey, Africa, Thailand, India and Unites States. Robin attends tattoo conventions and festivals to develop his skills. 

Robin's work has been featured in 8 News publications including Time of India,  DNA, Gujarat Samachar, and Economic Times


He is inspired by Black and Gray Art, which also happens to be his favorite style of working.

Robin's Instagram

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Realism Tattoo Dog Portrait
Realism Rose Tattoo
Dali Painting Realism tattoo
Floral sleeve tattoo
Japanese warrior Tattoo
Black and gray Dragon Tattoo
Realism Owl Tattoo
Realism White Rabbit Tattoo
Taurian Girl tattoo by Robin Patel
Dog Portrait with Rose
Cover Up Tattoo
Poppies Tattoo
Grim Reaper Tattoo
Photo Realism
Rose Tattoo
Geometrical Concept
Lion Tattoo
Safari leg sleeve
Photo realism tattoo
Anchor and Rose Tattoo
Geometrical Tattoo
Rose Tattoo
Rose Tattoo
Vintage Map with Compass
Lion Tattoo
Mandala Tattoo
Roses Tattoo
Turtle Tattoo
Lettering Tattoo
Lioness Tattoo
Plague Doctor Tattoo
Nestle Cup tattoo
Betsy Ross Bridge by Robin Patel
Betsy Ross Bridge Tattoo
Mandala Tattoo
Mandala compass Tattoo
Roses Tattoo
Phoenix Tattoo
Golden Gate bridge Tattoo
Clock Black and Gray
Healed Lion Tattoo by Robin
Realistic Heart tattoo with mountains sc
Back Tattoo lily by Robin Patel
Lion tattoo by Robin Patel
Renaissance Ninja Turtles- Raphael
Rose tattoo
Babushka doll tattoo
lotus mandala tattoo
geogirl rose head tattoo
Neo Trad Rose Tattoo
elephant mandala tattoo
Sparrow tattoo
roaring lion tattoo
owl tattoo
pirate skull tattoo
roaring lion tattoo
Wolf redindian girl tattoo
floral sleeve tattoo
watercolor poppy tattoo
lotus mandala tattoo
skull clock tattoo
Tow mater tattoo
realism watercolor tattoo
Lord Hanuman tattoo
wolf tattoo
Alice in wonderland
ship tattoo finish
sunflower tattoo
eyeore disney tattoo
Watercolor colour tattoo deer by Robin p
Salvador Dali's Elephant tattoo by Robin
Monsters Inc tattoo by Robin patel